Fire Alarms

Your property’s fire alarms and smoke alarms are essential to effective fire management and personal safety. This is both in terms of carrying out your fire protocol, and the first receptors in the instance of a fire. Alongside emergency lighting and signage, we install all types of fire and smoke alarms from conventional panels or fully addressable systems, to radio controlled systems where external cabling is not allowed – for example in listed properties.

VESDA System

Mercury Systems will always recommend the right system for your property type and which meet the strict and necessarily high standards of the BS5839 and EN54 pt 2 accreditation. We use the latest technology to ensure you are protected at the highest level.
The VESDA (an abbreviation of Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) is a laser based smoke detection system. The VESDA system has a proven track record and has been developed beyond traditional fire alarms, to the point where it is recognised as the most advanced aspirating smoke detection system within the fire industry, Simply, VESDA can be installed anywhere that a conventional smoke detector system can, but with greater flexibility.
Additional benefits of using VESDA over conventional detectors are:

  • greater reliability and efficiency
  • features which include entire airflow analysis and ignition point targeting
  • ability to work alongside existing smoke detection and air conditioning systems

Our Service

High quality and professional fire alarm installation is vital to the safety of your property and its occupants. If your alarm is not properly installed, false alarms can easily occur – this not only affects fire service response times to real incidences, but also causes unnecessary disruption and stress. Mercury Systems will ensure that all systems are fully checked, tested and demonstrated to you prior to the system going live

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