Integrated Security

If you are looking to secure your business or home, the need to look at how you can move to an integrated security system will be high on your agenda. At Mercury Systems we specialise in linking your security and safety systems such as CCTV, fire safety systems, intruder alarms and access control to provide you with the highest levels of protection.

How it works

Your investment in new technology must give 100% functionality, the highest reliability and consistent performance. The design of your integrated system is not just about the technology, it also takes into consideration the property layout and day-to-day operation of your business or activity at your home.

IP Connectivity

If you want to update your system, Mercury Systems can offer the most up-to-date IP (Internet Protocol) connectivity options to help reduce costs and increase the scalability of your solution. More popular than ever, this connectivity makes use of your existing computer network.
This has a number of benefits including:

  • Ability to monitor on site or remotely
  • Integrates with your existing network
  • Instant communication between a vast number of devices
  • Scope for expansion if you want to develop your system to meet the needs of your business
  • Cost effective as reduces the need for cabling
  • Individually designed and tailored to your needs

Maintenance made easy

We can carry out the maintenance for all of your systems. With expert knowledge of your system, and at a time to suit you, we can service all of your systems at the same time saving you valuable time away from your business or the need to be at home. With only one point of contact it couldn’t be easier to make sure that every one of your systems is maintained to the required levels to ensure its optimum performance.
Upgrading to an Integrated System

You may already own a CCTV or access control system and you want to add other systems to your portfolio. We can integrate any new system with your existing system and management programmes. Not only will we maintain the systems installed by Mercury Systems but your existing equipment too!

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