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Endemol Productions, London

Possibly best known in the UK for producing Big Brother and Changing Rooms, Endemol are a successful company with a very professional image. A major production company with Europe-wide coverage, the UK operation is on three floors of a refurbished building in Shepherd’s Bush. Security is very important to Endemol and they had historically used manned security on their offices to protect them from casual intruders and ensure those people gaining access were authorised.

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Danny Chapman, the facilities manager at Endemol, explained; “this did sometimes cause difficulties. Due to the nature of the business, we do have a high turnover of different individuals. Quite a few of the staff are freelance production people and will only be coming to us for the duration of the production they are working on. This meant that the security people would quite often ring me in the evenings and weekends to check that they could allow certain people in.”

With the move to new refurbished premises it was decided to investigate an electronic access control system. There are several entrances to the new offices and it is a multi-tenanted building. It was very important to ensure only Endemol staff had free access. Michael Rothwell of Mercury Systems was asked for advice. A demonstration of Net2, an access control system manufactured by Paxton Access Ltd., was set up in Endemol’s old building. The facilities management team were impressed with the evident simplicity of using the software and the features available. They decided to go ahead and have Net2 installed on the new premises.

Once Mercury Systems commenced the installation, Danny took on the responsibility of setting up all the users and running the system in the initial period. Danny says; “The software was very easy to learn beingWindows based. In fact I have now handed the daily management over to our human resources department and having not touched it for months, I would feel totally confident in picking up and running with it again. I trained the human resources staff and they also found the administration very easy to learn. At most I would say they spend half an hour on administration a day. This is mainly time spent issuing new cards and barring access for cards issued to non permanent staff who have moved on or lost cards.”

Initial set up of just over three hundred staff took Danny about a day and a half. Endemol use a lot of the features available on the software including time zones and access levels. Danny gives these examples: “Big Brother production staff must have access to the building and their production area twenty four hours a day. The Big Brother team are the only people set up with access on the entrance to their area. Our cleaners only have access from 5pm – 9pm and only to limited areas of the offices. We also have some staff set up with individual access rights according to the requirements of their work. It has given us a high degree of flexibility in the control of access to our premises and restricted areas within them.”

Endemol have complete confidence in the security provided by their new access system. Danny says “Installing Net2 has been a big benefit for us. We no longer have manned security as we are so confident that with this system in place we have no need of it. The result is that our budget for security has reduced quite substantially, yet I feel that our offices are better protected.”

Mount Vernon Hospital

Systems Installed: CCTV

Founded in 1860 the Mount Vernon Hospital opened at its present site in 1904. Mercury Systems Ltd. was chosen to cover the entire site with a state of the art CCTV System, protecting many buildings, both old and new.

The most challenging aspect of the installation was running a new network of cables between the buildings. This mainly used the underground passageways, which carry the main hot water services. The project required an experienced company like Mercury who have the expertise in project managing an installation of this type. Added to that, some of the buildings, like the Old Chapel, were Grade II listed. This required taking a painstaking approach to the fitting of the cameras and working in an environment where the general public needed to feel relaxed.

In the end the project was completed early and on budget in what proved to be a challenging and rewarding installation, that increased the protection of both patients and staff alike.

Dame Alice Owen School

Systems Installed: CCTV, ANPR

Dame Alice Owen School, which was founded in 1886 and moved to its present site in 1973, has a long and illustrious history and is widely considered one of the best schools in the South East.

The need to protect its pupils, staff and buildings was the paramount objective as the school was dissatisfied with its previous security system. “We couldn’t even tell the make of vehicle let alone the registration number” was the frustration felt by the school after a series of incidents. This led to Mercury Systems being asked to upgrade the CCTV System to include ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

The biggest considerations when designing the system were its aesthetic appearance combined with the reliability of the system to work in all conditions and to correctly identify vehicles and persons alike. The final system installed by Mercury looked good and met all the key criteria of the project.

London and Newcastle Holdings

Systems Installed: Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry Systems

When London & Newcastle Holdings, with a reported development budget of £1bn, moved into their swanky new Offices just off Oxford Street in the heart of London’s West End, their thoughts naturally turned to security.

Mercury Systems were chosen as the preferred supplier of their Intruder Alarm, Access Control and CCTV Systems. The key considerations were the tight timescales of the project and the ability to work closely with the Interior designers to make sure that the system was aesthetically pleasing and allowed controlled and secure access to these prestigious facilities.

The end product was fitted on time and on budget, leaving the customer with a high-end integrated system that is both advanced and yet easy to use and administer, designed to provide optimum performance for today and in the future.

Home Cinema – private client (pictured above)

Systems Installed: Home Cinema with Artcoustic Speakers

This award winning, incredible, private cinema in North London was installed by Mercury Systems. We designed, installed and calibrated the entire room, ensuring a technically perfect room, as well as stunning aesthetics.

Formal cinema seats are installed at the back of the room, with movable seating in the front giving flexibility to the space.

Artcoustic Spitfire 16-8SLs are installed for left, centre and right channels behind the acoustically transparent 3 meter screen, as all well designed cinemas do. Two Spitfire Control 2 subwoofers are also installed behind the screen. Four Colour matched Diablo SLs are used for the sides and rear channels ensuring timbre matching, whilst working seamlessly with the design of the room.

The end result is an amazing private cinema room, with incredible sound and picture, all simple to use and control via the Control4 Remote Control with wonderful attention to detail.

Agent Provocateur

Systems Installed: Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Door Entry Systems, Roller Shutters

With retail outlets across the globe and celebrities such as Kylie Minogue exhibiting their costumes, Agent Provocateur leads the way in designing collections that get noticed. What they did not want though was a bespoke electronic system that was equally noticeable.

That is why Mercury Systems were asked to design and install an unobtrusive system that incorporated CCTV, Access Control, electrically operated Roller Shutters and an Intruder Alarm System. Working alongside the Interior Designers, the schedule was tight but Mercury’s Engineering Department fully managed the security project, which had some interesting design features such as pink carpets and walls in the stairwells.

A complex security system that is easy to use day-to-day, completely flexible and aesthetically pleasing was the client’s requirements and that is what Mercury delivered.

Charing Cross Station

Systems Installed: CCTV

Charing Cross Station is one of the busiest train stations in London and the Ticket Office certainly sees its fair share of customers and staff alike. Originally opened in 1864, the station transports over 37 million people each year between Kent and London.

Speed, accuracy and customer service are the Ticket Office staffs’ main priority and this was the same criteria used, for assessing which company, would be best suited to install their new CCTV system. Along with the extensive Health and Safety programme, the installation demands would cause most installation companies problems. This was not the case for Mercury Systems as they are used to providing high specification systems in tight time scales and under many constraints.

The end product is a digital, high performance CCTV system, which is both unobtrusive and future proof.


Systems Installed: Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Door Entry Systems, Automatic Gates and Fire Alarm Systems

Mercury Systems Ltd were approached to install a bespoke electronic security system into a well known and admired sporting manager’s new build residence. Mercury has installed systems for players of most London Premier League teams and has been working closely with high wealth Individuals to protect their residences for many years.

Mercury project managed the installation and installed electrically operated Gates, a Colour Video Entry System, Digital CCTV and an Intruder Alarm System. Mercury would never divulge the individual’s name, but they can confirm that he and his family are very well protected.

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