Fire Risk Assessment


It is easy to be complacent about the risk of fire and damage to property or even life. If required, a fire risk assessment can often be seen as yet another procedure to be followed. However, in the event of a fire emergency the effectiveness of your safety precautions are a matter of life and death.

Recent legislation surrounding fire risk has been enforced significantly more regimentally. It is now a British Standards requirement that for non-domestic buildings, a ‘responsible person’ must carry out a fire risk assessment and implement a fire management plan. This person should be ‘certified and competent’ i.e. trained in fire safety requirements. We can help you by providing this service and to regularly review these plans and maintain your fire safety equipment.

If you need help carrying out a fire assessment, the experts at Mercury Systems can help you. We can carry out a complete fire risk assessment on your property and identify fire hazards, assess the effectiveness of your existing fire detection equipment, emergency escape routes, and make recommendations to ensure your property complies with current fire safety legislation.

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